Alter Server Ministry

St. Lawrence Altar Servers have the privilege of serving God in a special way by assisting the priests at Mass. A wonderful opportunity that promotes positive character qualities such as responsibility and being part of a team. Being an Altar Server can be a faith-building experience for your child by gaining a deeper understanding of the Mass and its sanctity. It is also a good beginning for getting children actively involved in their parish.

Altar Server Teams consist of children who have served for some time as well as new Altar Servers. Training sessions are held at the beginning of September. When the children come to the training, they will be given a form to fill out which will include a “preferred Mass time” to serve. We will endeavor to have them serve at the “preferred” Mass time as much as possible. However, the children are asked to be flexible and may be scheduled at a different Mass from time-to-time.

If your child is interested, and if you as parents, are willing to make the commitment to this ministry, please notify Miss Celeste Herman by email or by calling her at the parish office 586-731-5347 and leaving a message. On behalf of our Pastor, Fr. Roman, “All are welcome!” 

Jesus said “Let the children come to me, and do not prevent them…”