Technology Integration

Technology instruction is incorporated throughout the curriculum. St. Lawrence is excited to share that we have part-time Teacher Technology Facilitator who works with teachers/students in the integration of technology throughout the curriculum.

Instructional Technology Coach

Unique to St. Lawrence, we have our very own Technology Coach. This instructors role is to support our teachers in the use of technology in their classrooms. 

Technology Standards

Technology is an integral part of the curriculum at St. Lawrence Catholic School. The technology curriculum is carefully planned and executed to develop the skills necessary for technology literacy. 

All full day students in grades K - 6 receive 50 minutes of a computer instruction weekly in the computer lab with additional class and individual time available as needed. The seventh and eighth graders may elect two 50-minute instruction days each week; they also receive additional class and individual time as needed. Five mobile laptop carts are made available to teachers to use in their classroom with students in grades fourth through eighth. Aligned with state and national standards, our technology curriculum will provide the foundation for creativity and innovation; communication and collaboration; research and information fluency; critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making; digital citizenship; and technology operations and concepts. 

In the classroom

Each classroom, along with the computer lab, is equipped with a whiteboard and projector. Each preschool through eighth grade classroom is equipped with a Mimio wireless interactive device or interactive projector. Each Kindergarten through fifth grade classroom is equipped with a document camera and each sixth through eighth grade classroom is equipped with a Mimio pad. There are four additional document cameras available for shared use. The computer lab is equipped with miscellaneous audiovisual technology items such as digital cameras and digital video cameras.

Internet access is made available through our structured cable system and our wireless network.  Shared drives between the computer lab and the classrooms allow students to develop and present multimedia presentations for assignments and projects. The network is secured through firewall, virus scans and Internet content filtering.

Technology Plan

The school is required to submit a technology plan and post this document on our website for viewing.  Please review the STL Technology Plan below.