Potter Family

My daughter attended St. Lawrence Catholic school where she thrived in the strong academic curriculum, religious foundation and the amazing support and care from the administrative staff and teachers. I was able to spend a lot of time at the school volunteering and got to know many of the families. I loved this school so much that I took a position here. I feel so blessed to be a part of this great, close-knit learning environment. The principal and assistant principal are involved in all aspects of the school and there is no other place we would want to be.

Dziurgot Family

Our son Danny began his time at St. Lawrence with the wonderful kindergarten teacher, Jayme Hundley. He blossomed and enjoys going to school every day. He can’t wait to join the St. Lawrence football team next year and be a Mustang!

Martinez Family

As a former student and a current parent, I am pleased with the religious education my son is getting. His knowledge on the Catholic faith is impressive. His kind and loving attitude is shown in his daily life and is reinforced at school. The staff of St. Lawrence teaches the true meaning of “love your neighbor as yourself.”

As a parent of a fourth grader, we are impressed with the family attitude St. Lawrence has maintained. We have developed many close friendships throughout the years not only from class activities, but from extracurricular activities such as Scouts and Ski Club. St. Lawrence is fostering friendships to last a life time.

Bernadich Family

As a parish member I have had many opportunities to be in the St. Lawrence School for after school activities. Each and every time it amazes me at how clean and fresh the building has been maintained. One can easily see the religious environment (statues and pictures) throughout. There is a sense of pride both religious and academic in the hallways and classrooms.

Our children attended St. Lawrence School many years ago and now our grandson is a student there. We have always been impressed with the organization of the school.  Because we are involved grandparents and parish members, the website provides much needed information regarding school and extra activities that keep us informed. We feel a part of the parish community.

Huiskens Family

We have been blessed to have our children be a part of the St. Lawrence school for 14 years. We feel it is an extension of our family values.  Our children have made life-long friends and have had a strong educational background to help them succeed in high school.

Mason Family

This is our family’s fifth year at St. Lawrence and we are truly happy with the education our children are receiving.  Everyone from administration to the support staff is always looking out for the best interest of the students. Our children absolutely love every teacher that they have had thus far. We are truly blessed that we chose to be a part of the St. Lawrence family.

Serra-Boldman Family

Now that I have an 8th grader at St. Lawrence I really get it: An elementary school isn’t “just” school, it is a child’s learning and life foundation, their springboard too. For these reasons, I thank God for guiding my steps to St. Lawrence. This loving and talented community has become my son’s childhood – his best friends, memories, love of God, excellent education – they all happened here, lucky us!

Schudt Family

I have been a St. Lawrence parent for 12 years and will be for 6 more. My older children have been prepared for high school and for life. In the past 5-7 years, St. Lawrence has added some wonderful programs that are second to none: band, drama club, chess club, academic games, and a pro-life club. My children have wonderful opportunities to nurture the gifts God has given them.

DeAngelis Family

I have been blessed and fortunate to be a part of the St. Lawrence school family for the past 13 years. Both of my sons graduated from St. Lawrence and went on to excellent Catholic high schools where they were fully prepared both academically and spiritually. The St Lawrence School community is welcoming, interesting, loving, kind, hard-working, and so much fun. The teachers are top notch and they truly love their students. The administration cares tremendously about the entire child and works hard to support the children and their families. Together, we accomplish more. The sports programs and extracurricular activities are run professionally and there is an activity for every child. Walk through the hallways at STL on any given day and the atmosphere is filled with productivity, generosity, and happiness. My entire family has lifelong friends from this incredible place. St Lawrence School is a gift.

Murphy Family

St. Lawrence School has been a blessing to our family in so many ways. The strong academic program and committed teachers have stretched our children’s minds and developed disciplined study habits. The many sports offered by athletics along with great coaching has developed their physicalskills in Soccer, Basketball, Baseball and Softball, just to name a few. Many extracurricular activities such as Band, Forensics (public speaking), Chess Club and Drama Club have nurtured their talents in the arts. What we most admire is the faith-filled, caring community created by faculty, staff and the parents and families. It There is a warmth to this school that reassures each child of God’s love. My children are not just a number at St. Lawrence. They are part of acaring community.

Nicolina Ivanovic

My name is Nicolina Ivanovic, proud 2016 St. Lawrence 8th grade graduate. My brother Alexander and I have attended St. Lawrence since pre-school. Not only were we students of St. Lawrence but, active members of the church as well.

By being the student council Vice President in my 7th grade year and President in my 8th grade year, it enabled me to gain leadership skills that I will be taking with me as I begin my new journey in high school.

The school curriculum, the environment, and excellent guidance of our amazing teachers has given me the confidence and knowledge that will further assist me in my learning throughout high school and eventually take with me when I’m starting a new chapter in high school.

5th Grade

I have been a teacher at St. Lawrence School for many years and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. St. Lawrence has become my home! The administration, staff, families, and students are all one big family.

Marissa Terry
2nd Grade

As a second grade teacher, seeing children receive their First Communion at St. Lawrence Catholic School is such an honor to witness. Their faith is so strong and absolute, it rubs off and you appreciate the wonder and miracle of the Eucharist even more.

Janis Bork
4th Grade

I have been lucky enough to be part of the teaching staff at St. Lawrence for 15 years. I have seen our community grow and adapt to the new 21st century. I am excited to take on the new role as Teacher Technology Facilitator and work with my colleagues to integrate all our wonderful technology into classroom lessons.

Joseph Case
6th Grade

My favorite quality of St. Lawrence is its welcoming atmosphere. No matter who you are or where you’re from, you are accepted and loved. The level of comfort that this creates helps community members to excel at all that they do.

Carla Sorgi
4th Grade

When I graduated from St. Lawrence School in 2003, I told myself that I would be back to give students the same education that I was given as a student. Today, I can proudly say that I am able to instill in students the same Catholic school education that I was fortunate enough to receive. When you become a student, parent, or staff member at St. Lawrence School, you also become part of a family. By joining the St. Lawrence community, you are surrounding yourself with people who put God first and have the same beliefs that you do.