School Nurse

School nurses are integral to healthy school environments. Increasing numbers of students enter schools with chronic health conditions which require management during the school day. If a student has an asthma or allergy attack, gets in an accident on the playground or experiences a low or high in their sugar levels, it’s the school nurse who will get the child back to class or contact a parent to possibly take the student to see a doctor.

 Our school nurse knows that every visit to the nurse’s office is an important one. The nurse’s office is open during school hours and is staffed by Ms. Keri Kruszewski. She provides the following health care services among others: 

Evaluate and treat an injury or illness within established protocols.

Administration of prescription and non-prescription medications with proper parental and physician’s permissions on file.

Partner with parents and teachers to support students with chronic illnesses to meet their individual health care needs during the school day.

Develop care plans to accommodate any students with special needs.

Please contact Ms. Keri with questions or concerns about health or safety issues:
586-731-0135 ext 319