Safety Drill Requirements

Under the law, any school that operates any of grades Kindergarten to 12 must conduct at least:

Five fire drills per school year. Three of which must take place by December 1. (There must be a reasonable interval between each drill.)

Two tornado safety drills per school year. One of which must take place in March.

Three lockdown drills per school year, including security measures appropriate to an emergency "such as the release of hazardous material or the presence of a potentially dangerous individual on or near the premises." At least one of the drills must take place by December 1 and at least one after January 1. (There must be a reasonable interval between each drill.)

It's also important to note that schools are required to conduct at least one of the above-listed drills during lunch, recess, or at another time when a significant number of students are present, but not in classrooms.

Lastly, a list of all scheduled drill days must be provided to the county emergency management coordinator by September 15. It's then his/her responsibility to share this information with the appropriate local emergency coordinator, if applicable.

Public Posting Requirement

The new law also states that school officials must document all completed school safety drills on the school's website within five days of completion. Once posted, the information must stay on the website for at least three years.

Pesticide Management

The St. Lawrence School utilizes an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to control pests. IPM is a pest management system that utilizes multiple techniques to prevent pests from reaching unacceptable levels or to reduce an existing population to an acceptable level.  Pest management techniques emphasize pest exclusion and biological controls.  However, as with most pest control programs, pesticides may also be utilized at our facility.  

This notice has been provided in compliance with MCL324.8316 and must be provided before the beginning of the school year (for schools) or in September (for day care centers). We are also required to notify you of your right to review the IPM Plan and IPM records.  An IPM plan and records are required for pesticide applications inside the school and daycare center, exclusive of sanitizer, disinfectant, germicide, and anti-microbial applications.

You also have the right to be informed prior to any application of a pesticide in or at the school grounds or buildings during this school year, with the exception of bait, gel, sanitizer, disinfectant, germicide, and anti-microbial applications.  In certain emergencies, such as an infestation of stinging insects, pesticides may be applied without prior notice to prevent injury to students, but you will be notified following any such application. Applications will take place the 3rd Friday of every month.