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St. Lawrence Nursery and Preschool Programs

St. Lawrence welcomes three and four year old children into an engaging classroom with experienced, caring teachers.  Our classroom environment provides learning opportunities throughout the day.  Children interact with each other and teachers during free choice, small, and large group activities.  Evidence of literacy and math can be found throughout classroom activities such as: art, music, dramatic play, circle time, and block area.  Teachers use the Creative Curriculum and Handwriting Without Tears and follow the Michigan Department of Education Standards to guide their observations, assessments, and planning.  Our programs are licensed by the State of Michigan and all teachers are highly qualified.  Both teachers and assistants participate in 16 hours of professional development each school year.

 Nursery School

Children must be 3 years of age on or before September 1, 2019


Children must be 4 years of age on or before September 1, 2019 (or December 1, 2019 with a waiver).

 All children must be toilet trained, without diapers or pull-ups.


Nursery/Preschool Hours: 
             Nursery School: (3 yr - M,W,F PM) 1:15 PM-3:30 PM
             1/2 Day Preschool: (4 yr - M,W,F AM) 9:10 AM-12:00 PM
Full Day Preschool: (4 yr - T,TH) 9:10 AM-3:30 PM
             Full Day Preschool: (4 yr - M,T,W,TH,F) 9:10 AM-3:30 PM

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