Welcome to St. Lawrence School, we are the Mustangs!

At St. Lawrence, you will find three things at the center of our school: Christ, Family, and Academics.

Our Catholic identity is very important to us. We embrace this by offering a Catholic education which fosters the formation of the whole child in body, mind, and spirit. We recognize the importance of critical and independent thinking to challenge our students to become servant leaders and global citizens who bring hopefulness and righteousness to our world.

At St. Lawrence Catholic School, our students and teachers are treated as family. We embrace and welcome all families. As our community continues to grow, the family environment at St. Lawrence Catholic School continues to get stronger.

We offer a rigorous and challenging education, but individualize this experience for all of our students. We offer a variety of resources in our elementary school, two learning center teachers, an enrichment teacher, counselor, as well as a number of electives and enrichment activities for our students. We have an outstanding faculty who are dedicated to carrying out the mission of Catholic education which is to spread the message of God, build community and teach service while providing an excellent academic program.

St. Lawrence Catholic School's academics have always been strong, as demonstrated in our standardized test scores. However, our biggest strength is the sense of community. It's always amazing to hear stories about kids who have known each other since they entered preschool who remain friends even past graduation of high school and college. It is also amazing to see new students who join our school midway through a year who are welcomed and embraced by our students. Saint Lawrence is a wonderful place for a child to not only receive a Catholic education filled with rigorous academics, but to grow up and make friendships that will last a lifetime.

St. Lawrence is so much more than a school, we are a family. We are a Catholic, Christian community of students, staff, faculty and families who seek to live out our lives in the teachings of our Catholic faith.

We ask the blessings of our God upon us. We pray He will guide us in this great mission of Catholic education.

God Bless,

Mrs. Lisa DiMercurio